Markets Update: A Narrowing Range of Consolidation and Lower Trade Volumes

Markets Update: A Narrowing Range of Consolidation and Lower Trade Volumes

Not a lot has changed since our last markets update four days ago as cryptocurrency markets continue moving sideways in a consolidated pattern....

<h1>Civil Not Deterred By Token Sale’s Failure To Meet Soft Cap</h1>

Despite significant industry support, Civil was unable to reach its fundraising goals. What’s next for the blockchain company? Source link

<h1>Jumping Over Hurdles For Blockchain Enterprise Adoption</h1>

Many businesses have joined the blockchain trend, but there are some aspects of the technology that make enterprises wary. Source link

<h1>Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Is Officially Into Blockchain</h1>

Wozniak, known for his constant refusal of investment opportunities and business hopefuls, has agreed to take a step into cryptocurrency and blockchain, in...

<h1>Daily Byte: 10.17.2018</h1>

0x to be the first ERC20 token on Coinbase, Maldives denies issuing permits for crypto transactions, and a would-be Russian hacker faces five...

<h1>The Cryptoeconomics Of Civil’s Token-Curated Registry</h1>

Undeterred by its failed token sale, Civil is maintaining its efforts to create a new economy for ethical journalism using cryptoeconomics and blockchain...

<h1>Rwanda Uses Blockchain To Track And Prevent Conflict-Mined Metals</h1>

Could blockchain technology be the answer to stopping violence surrounding conflict materials? Rwandan companies dealing in tantalum (and tantalum-containing products) can now use...

<h1>‘Don’t Forget The Recycling’: Foundation Building Tool To Track Companies’ Sustainability Commitments</h1>

A London-based responsible finance organization and others want to see if companies are keeping their word. Source link

<h1>Daily Byte: 10.18.2018</h1>

US Marshals Service set to auction off $4.2 million in bitcoin, crypto may not be as decentralized as you think, and a Norwegian...

<h1>US Marshals Service To Hold Bitcoin Auction</h1>

The government agency is (again) auctioning the cryptocurrency specifically designed to eliminate the need for the government to create and distribute currency. *face...